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A Kultursprünge e.V. event


A multimedia lecture by Pierre Hecker
24 June 2010 at 8:00 pm, German language, admission free

A thriving black metal subculture with independent bands, magazines, labels, festivals and bars has emerged in many of Turkey’s big conurbations. Digital music processing has opened the doors for niche interests, enabling them to share their views and music with a worldwide audience. 

However, metalheads still have a hard time with mainstream Turkish culture. First appearing in the 1990s, metal with its hairy young men and boozing maidens is widely seen as a threat to public decency.

Pierre Hecker wrote his doctoral thesis on Heavy Metal in a Muslim Context and now teaches at the University of Leipzig. His lecture on the sociocultural and political dimensions of Heavy, Death, Black and Trash Metal in Turkey is accompanied by an extraordinary selection of music and images.

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